ACHILLEΑS YIANGOU & SONS LTD began its' operation in 1959.

Mr. Achilleas Yiangou, a craftsman, started with a workshop in Aglantzia, in order to serve his customers in the sectors of furniture and woodworking.

In 1985 the enterprise was passed on in the hands of the children of Achilleas, the customers were multiplying and there was the need of a new working space.

In 1998 the new factory began its operations, in Viotechniki Aglantzias are, under the management of the son of Mr. Achilleas, Kyriacos Yiangou.

Today, after 50 years of operations, the enterprise holds high tech equipment with state of the art instruments necessary for the manufacture of furniture and other woodworking equipment.

The various departments of the business are staffed with experienced personnel. The grandchildren of Mr. Achilleas, Achilleas and Andri, are also part of the Management.

ACHILLEΑS YIANGOU & SONS LTD employs 30 individuals, all educated and well trained in order to be able to correspond in the needs and requirements of our customers. Fifteen individuals deal with the placement / application of manufactures in the premises of our customers.

Our Company undertakes and fulfils all kinds of work, on time, no matter how big, difficult or complicated a project is. The quality of our products and services and the complete satisfaction of our customers is for us a daily care.

Cert-ProductsΠιστοποιημένες θύρες
Πυρασφαλείας και
ISO 9001-2008

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